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Tomahawk Thunder Parade, Sept 16, 2016
The Legion Riders have been invited to participate in the Tomahawk Fall Ride "Thunder Parade".
This year will be "Year of the Veteran". All Veteran Riders will be placed at the front of the parade.
Attached you will find information from VFW Commander Gerald Dvorak who contacted me to ask for the participation of the Legion Riders.

Friday September 16 participants will line up at the Tomahawk School District complex at 5PM (1048 King Road).
The goal is to have everyone ready for the parade by 5:30 pm.
After a 5:55 bike blessing the riders will start rolling out of the parking lot by 6:00 pm.

For more information on the Fall Ride go to: Tomahawk Fall Ride

Tomahawk Parade Invite
Wreaths for Vets Ride

Don Simpson Memorial & Celebration of Life July 9, 2016
All Legion Riders are invited to attend this celebration with the Simpson family.
Saturday July 9, 2016; 2:00 PM
Neilsville American Legion Post
6 Boon Blvd, Neillsville, WI

Don Simpson Passing, June 1, 2016

Below is a note from the family. Note is also Online at Link.

A huge thank you to our family and friends for all of your love, support, prayers, and positive thoughts.
First, this is not an obituary. This is just an update to our friends and family who have been with us along this journey.
Although his passing is a huge loss to our family and many, many others, and we are experiencing sadness and a thousand
other emotions, we also feel very fortunate to have experienced his passing (and the hours and day that have followed)
in a way that was unique to his personality and brings us great peace and joy. Because of this, we sincerely want to share some
of the amazing healing moments that we've already experienced, and hope that these notes will bring you at least a bit of peace.

As you know from our last update, he was home under hospice care. Although he enjoyed an incredible career in a hospital setting,
he never liked being cooped up there as a patient. Being at home throughout this process is exactly where he wanted to be.
When he passed, it did not appear that he was in pain, and mom, Scott, and I were right there with him. We are so thankful that
we were able to all be together and experience his last moments as a family.

As many of you know, he greatly loved to teach people knowledge, skills, and odd facts from his wealth of experience.
Every time he was in the hospital, he was always excited to welcome a student or new nurse into his room to talk with them,
encourage them in their career, and teach them something about his cancer or something else from his unique experiences as a nurse.

When I called our hospice nurse to let her know that he was gone, she called me back just moments later and explained that they
had a nurse in training that she'd like to bring along to the visit, if we were comfortable having her.
YES! Wow. We couldn't believe the opportunity. In our greatest moment of sadness (and tons of other emotions), we were overwhelmed
with a feeling of joyous perfection. I still can hardly believe it. What a special gift that he could continue teaching in his field,
even immediately upon his passing.

Later, as he left the house, his Quilt of Valor was placed over him on the cot, and we stood on the back porch to see him off,
past our backyard apple tree and the motorcycle in the yard, as the sun was setting on an absolutely beautiful spring day.
It was a moment he would've loved, and so we loved it too.

Today, we are so thrilled to share with you that he has been accepted to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Body Donor Program.
He registered for the program four years ago, when he was first diagnosed with his cancer, and has been proud to carry the donor card
in his wallet for all this time. The program allows for individuals to donate their entire body to the School of Medicine to be used by
students or professionals in learning about human anatomy or practicing medical procedures in a hands-on way. He so wanted his teaching
spirit to live on after his death through this meaningful educational experience. However, he knew that donation was not guaranteed through
the program. After death, the university mortician must make the decision about whether the body is suitable for educational purposes.
This afternoon, Mom, Scott, and I had the amazing opportunity to meet the mortician, and he shared with us the good news that he would be
taking Dad back to Madison with him, and expressed that the university and students are so grateful for his donation.

In April, the students of the program host a gathering and ceremony to honor the families of donors. We're looking forward to that experience,
and our friends and family are invited to come with us.

There are not words to describe the amount of closure we have today knowing that he's on his way to Madison and his wishes have been fulfilled nearly to perfection.

When the teaching and learning is complete at the university, his ashes will be returned to us. In the meantime, we do have a symbol of him.
In the backyard, he had been admiring a maple sapling that had popped up in the wood chips along the sidewalk. Last fall, he had admired how
the little maple tree was growing so perfectly straight and mentioned that he'd like for it to be transplanted out to "the farm" where he and
his friends have spent so much time. Just a few days ago, in his last visit from friends, the guys came and dug up that tree, came inside to show Dad
a picture, and took it to its new home on the farm. Although he didn't express it, we know that the transplanting of that straight tree was very meaningful to him.

He did not want a funeral service immediately following his passing, but we know that our friends and family will be looking for opportunities to
gather, remember him, and celebrate his amazing legacy. In the future, we will plan a memorial/celebration of life event. In the meantime, there will
be plenty of opportunities for us to share in fellowship.

Many of you know that the American Cancer Society Relay for Life is very close to our hearts and that the ACS has provided us with services and
support for which we are forever grateful. We will be attending the Relay for Life in Osseo, WI tomorrow, June 3, from 6:00-11:00 p.m. (Osseo High School track, 50851 East St, Osseo, WI 54758), if you'd like to join us for any part of the event, or just stop in for a hug.

The Relay for Life of Clark County is scheduled for next Friday, June 10 at the George Scherer Park, 209 E Schofield St., Greenwood, WI from
5:00 p.m.- 9:00 a.m. the following morning. Our team, Simpson Stride, will be there. Scott will not be able to attend, but mom and I will be there for at
least the ceremonies: Opening ceremony at 6:00 p.m., Luminaria ceremony at 9:30 p.m. We would be honored to have your support at this
community event. In addition, Luminarias are still available for purchase for a $5 donation, and can be dedicated "In Honor of..." someone who is
battling cancer or "In Memory of..." someone who has passed. Since it's so close to his passing, we think that either one are appropriate
designations if you'd like to honor my dad (Don Simpson); we don't get caught up in semantics.

Again, we cannot tell you how much we appreciate your love, support, prayers, hugs, and positive thoughts. Although this is a time for great sadness
and loss, it is also a time for healing and celebration. We are looking forward to healing and celebrating with you.

Operation Finally Home June 4, 2016

Run for P.R.I.D.E., June 17 - 19, 2016
RFP Logo
Commander Dale Oatman announces his 2016 Run for P.R.I.D.E.
His goal is to raise $59,000 for the Legacy Scholarship Fund, which equates to $1.00 from every Legionnaire.
It will be a three day, 750 Mile Motorcycling Event that will begin in Darlington, circling the state, and ending at the 2016 King Day Celebration.
Registration is open! Click the picture above to register. Proceeds benefit The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund.
2016 International Riders ROMP
Willard, OH July 15 - 17, 2016

ROMP Poster (right click to open and save)

ROMP Registration (right click to open and save)

Lady Rider of the Year

Congratulations to Kathleen Cook of District 4/5!
Kathleen was presented the Baby Doll Memorial "Lady Rider of the Year" Award
at the ALRA Quarterly meeting held February 6, 2016 at Post 355 in Grafton.
Award committee chair Al Richards made the presentation.

Operation Badger Base, August 11 - 14, 2016
OBB logo
The Operation Badger Base Commemoration will honor all US Military veterans from World War II to present.
Currently, living war veterans range in age from the 100's to late teens or early 20's.
Each era of veterans need our thank you, support, and recognition.

In particular, help us honor the service of nearly 1,200,000 military personnel that served in the Vietnam War between 1965 and 1975.
In 2016, an event marking the 50th anniversary of the war will be held at Harley-Davidson of Madison, Wisconsin.

The four day event will feature Madison's first installation of "The Wall that Heals", a 1/2 scale replica of
the Vietnam Wall Memorial in Washington, DC, an American Legion motorcycle escort of the wall as it travels to Madison,
live entertainment, and Veteran information.

Operation Badger Base
OBB Lobby Poster
Julie "Rabbit" Lavacek

District 3 member
With Sympathy
October 18, 1955- October 5, 2015

Obituary of Martin "Marty" Czarnecki
Thursday September 17th services
Martin "Marty" Czarnecki

Winners of Department Convention Raffle
Proceeds benefit the Legacy Scholarship Fund

Carved Eagle winner Legionnaire Paul Chmielewski from Glendale WI

Harley Quilt winner Craig Knudson from Wausau WI

Wreaths Across America Fundraiser

James R O'Loughlin

Elections May 2, 2015
Congratulations to our new State officers:
President -- Ray McSherry
Vice-President -- Gary Hess
Treasurer -- Donna Wilhelms
Secretary -- Evelyn McSherry
Chaplain -- Ricoh Oberst
Sergeant-at-Arms -- Jim Schendel
Historian -- Nancy Helms
Road Captain -- Joyce Jansen
Road Captain -- George Vander Zanden
Spirit Run, June 18 - 21, 2015
Spirit Run
Commander Bob Shappell announces his 2015 Spirit Run.
His goal is to raise $59,600.00 this year for the Legacy Scholarship Fund, which equates to $1.00 from every Legionnaire.
It will be a three day, 700 Mile Motor Cycling Event that will begin in Mequon, circling the state, and ending at the 2015 King Day Celebration.
Registration is open! Click picture to register. Proceeds benefit the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund.
Veteran Escort to the Highground
When: Thursday September 11, 2014
Where: Portage to Neillsville
Meet: 8:00 AM at VFW Post, 215 Collins St., behind Walgreens in Portage
The bus will leave no later than 8:30 AM.

The Legion Riders have been requested to escort a coach transporting 57 aging veterans from Portage
to the Highground Veterans Memorial Park in Neillsville. These veterans are from the WWII, Korea, and Vietnam eras
as well as peace time. This is their first trip to the Highground.
They are hoping to arrive about 11:00 AM and will have a brief program and a catered lunch.
The Legion Riders participating are invited to stay for lunch at no charge.

Save the date and we will see you in Portage on September 11, 2014.
Mid-Winter Raffle Winner

President Bob Lloyd congratulates Jim Johnson of Port Washington, winner of the carved eagle raffle at Mid-Winter.
Jim Johnson is the Commander of Post 82 and a District 2 American Legion Rider.
Special thanks to Ray & Evelyn McSherry from District 8 for supplying the eagle carving.
All proceeds from this raffle are going to support "Rhino's Run" for the Legacy Scholarship Foundation.
Rhino's Run, July 14 - 16, 2014
Rhino's Run
Registration is open! Click picture to register. Proceeds benefit the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund.
Wreaths Across America at King, December 14, 2013

Over 1300 wreaths were laid on the graves at the Central Wisconsin Veterans Cemetery at King.
Ride to Camp American Legion

We raised over $12,600 for the new chapel at Camp. Lunch and camaraderie was great!
Legacy Run Sweekstakes Winners
List of Winners

The leadership of the Legion Family for the coming year

Virginians - Group E - 2010 Legacy Run, Arrival in Milwaukee, WI
Elections May 4, 2013
Congratulations to our new State officers:
President -- Bob Lloyd
Vice-President -- Ray McSherry
Treasurer -- Donna Wilhelms
Secretary -- Evelyn McSherry
Chaplain -- Mike Peters
Sergeant-at-Arms -- Jim Schendel
Historian -- Donna Wilhelms
Road Captain -- Dana Smith
Road Captain -- Bob Lemke

Legacy Run 2012
Wisconsin American Legion Riders participated in the 2012 Legacy Run.

The group left Legion Post 11 in Green Bay on Saturday August 18 and arrived in New York Monday August 20.
The Legacy Run began Tuesday morning August 21 for the three day run to Indianapolis ending with a ride
around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Thursday August 23 completing the 2,000 mile trip.

Gold Star Father Matt Unger took leave from duty in Afghanistan to come ride with us on the 1250 miles across Michigan's
upper penninsula and through Canada to Niagara Falls NY where the Legacy Run started.
We then rode 750 miles to Indianapolis. Past National Commander Tom Cadmus also joined us in Michigan.

Wisconsin turned in $11,880.98 as part of the $722,774.01 total collected for the Legacy Scholarship Fund.

Pictured left to right are: State President Bob Lloyd D3, Mike & Bobbi Buxbaum D3, NEC man Dave & Donna Gough D3,
Todd Nofsinger & Kristen Schmitz D3, Dept. Vice Cmdr. Ken & Ann Rynes D3, Ken & Vicki McCauley D3, Steve Dubois D12 President,
Kerry & Sheila Melby D3, Bob "Radar" Louis D3, Bob Lemke D9, Gold Star Father Matt Unger, John Wolfe D9,
SAL Detachment Commander Steve Meyer D3, John Jacque D2.